Morton M30 Water Softener Review

Morton M30 Water Softener Review

This Morton M30 water softener is smaller in size as well capacity than the previous Morton model. It can remove up to 30,000 grain, which is an ideal capacity for large or medium households. As well as the other Morton water softener, this model is designed as a whole house water softening system.

It features a space saving design, with the dimensions slightly smaller than the previous softener. It measures 20-5/8 x 17-1/4 x 42-3/4 and weighing 111 pounds.

It provides same as other models high efficiency, using 50% less salt during its operation. Another similar function with the rest of the Morton water softeners is the Look Ahead technology that regenerates only when it’s necessary. Also, when you’re using more water than usual in large amounts, the system offers Recharge Tonight and Recharge Now options.

The package includes the do-it-yourself kit with the necessary equipment for installation and instructions.

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