Fleck 7000sxt Water Softener Review

Fleck 7000sxt Water Softener Review

Fleck 7000sxt Water Softener

fleck 7000sxt water softener
fleck 7000sxt water softener

When your talking about the The Fleck 7000sxt metered 64000 grain capacity water softener, your talking serious water softener business. Being such a large system, you’ll want to be sure its the right one for you if your giving it some consideration.
Being the new kid on the block, with some new innovative features, this system has some big shoes to fill after the success of other Fleck water softening systems, such as the 5600 model.

Suited for large, to very large households, and even light commercial situations, means its needs to be a confident powerhouse, but at the same time, an intelligent machine


Standard design– Two tank configuration with a separate brine tank in a nice beige color.
By pass valve included– the handy inclusion of a by-pass valve means you can stop the system providing soft water with the simple turn of a knob
Very high capacity system– 64 000 grain means you can convert plenty of hard water to soft water.
Smart technology– this system makes use of an integral microprocessor based control. It will measure your water consumption, and regenerate only as required, meaning lower salt consumption (up to 40% less!), saving you money.
High structural strength– The resin tank is made by the Structural company, and is poly lined and fiberglass reinforced. Good to know that such a big system is built tough as nails.
Warranty– is 5 years on the valve/controls and brine tank, 10 years on the resin tanks
Lifetime 24/7 support– having issues? Call anytime for reliable and honest help. Great customer service means a world of difference when dealing with issues.
Free shipping– live within the Continental US, they will ship this beast right to your door, free of charge

This water softening system is made to handle high volumes of water consumption, but at the same time, minimize water (and salt) usage as much as possible. When your dealing with volumes of hard water this high, a smart computer system, like the one included, can save you loads of money.

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